What is Performance Psychology & Mental Toughness training?

* Performance Psychology can be simply defined as using the power of the mind to improve physical performance. Athletes spend numerous hours physically training their body to accurately react on command. Many elite athletes also spend time mentally training and developing coping strategies for when their body doesn't perform, or when they are injured and unable to perform. Studies have shown that visualization and imagery alone help athletes recover after injury and performance setbacks. 

Performance Psychology consists of an application of psychological principles with a goal of performance improvement, mental toughness, mental agility as well as to overcome performance roadblocks or to enhance strategies that are already in place. Together, the Mental Skills Counselor and Client will develop a Mental Skills Program (MSP) specifically tailored for the Clients needs and goals. 

What is the goal of performance enhancement?

* The goal of consultation is to empower the client to improve their own performance through the use of their own mental abilities. Everyone has the potential to perform at his or her peak and get the best out of life. The client can learn to unlock their own ability to take their performance to the "next level", to restore their performance to a previous 'normal' level following an accident, injury or get through a mental block.

What does a Mental Skills Consultant do?

* A Mental Skills consultant helps the client achieve a more effective performance through the development of practices. Mental Skills programs include development of Goal determination, Coping strategies & visualization techniques, and Planning & Strategy development based on evidence-based practices.

Is a Mental Skills Consultant a Psychologist?

* No, a Mental Skills consultant is not licensed or certified to diagnose or treat psychopathologies (for ex. anxiety disorder, depression, OCD etc.) This means that consultation is not psychotherapy. Consultation is results-orientated and client centered, which means that consultation is not a lifetime of therapy. We work towards fixing a problem or reaching a goal. The Mental Skills consultant is trained to recognize psychopathologies and are held to the same ethical guidelines as licensed Psychologists, therefore, they will refer the client to a medical doctor if it is appropriate. 

What is a Mental Skills Program (MSP)?

* The MSP is a program that is tailored to the client depending on what their situation is and what their goals are. MSPs consist of evidence-based practices and scientific published studies of cognitive and behavioral strategies and techniques (mental coping strategies, imagery, relations strategies, team cohesion techniques, etc.).